Come Join Us

Men's Fellowship

We are a group of men from the church who have the privilege of getting together the first Saturday of each month at 8am untill about 10am for fellowship, prayer, hearing God's Word and of course BREAKFAST! Anyone is welcome, and you don't have to be a member, just be of male gender, with a love of the Lord.

Keepers of The Light

Keepers of the light are the Seniors of the First Baptist Church of Spring Forest.
We have activities for the seniors of the church. The senior group of adults are age 50 and above. We go on trips to places of interest... Theatre...Historic Centers... Museums... and of course just for fun trips.Come and Join us.

Adult Sunday School

Everyone is welcome. We begin 9:45 with treats, coffee, and fellowship. At 10:00 we begin our Bible study using The King James text. We take a book from the text and study it chapter by chapter, verse by verse, word by word. By God and the Holy Spirit, we are enriched every time we open His Holy Word. Class participation is encouraged and welcomed. Come join us and be blessed by His Word.

Women's Sunday School

Our class is called "Silver & Gold". Our main objective is to study God's word weekly, verse by verse, using the King James Version Bible. We believe God's word is essential to our everyday life. Come join our class anytime and you will be surrounded by loving and friendly ladies, who love God and his church.

Young Adults Sunday School

Our Young Adult Sunday school class isn't issue oriented in any way. We focus on what God's word actually says to us as we actually read it together. Come read and share your thoughts with us.

Children's Sunday School

We offer a Children's Sunday School class for children age 4 through 4th grade. More information about the class will be provided soon.

Children's Church

On Sunday mornings we have a special service for our little ones from the ages of four to the 5th grade. While the adults enjoy the sermon in the sanctuary our little ones are able to also enjoy a lesson more appropriate to their age level in the fellowship hall.


We offer a nursery for small children from birth through age 4.

Wednesday Night Dinner

Each Wednesday evening, at 5:30pm come join us for a free dinner. The only cost is your presence! Afterwards we have a brief church service, and while you are not required to attend the service for the meal, we would love to have you there. We offer this service to feed both the Body and Spirit.Come feed and fellowship with us.
Special Thanks to all of those tho help make this possible.

Children's Club

All Boys and Girls Ages 5-18 are welcome! Come join all the fun. Bible Lessons, Crafts, Children's Choir. We teach children a lesson using just about anything.
Every Wednesday at 7pm

Prayer Group

FBCSF has a group of faithful members who meet each Monday - Wednesday - Friday as a prayer group. You don't have to be a member to join and you don't even have to pray. Our group meets to discuss those in need of prayer, then we join hands and go to our heavenly Father as a group to pray for those in need. It may be for ourselves or for others. Sometimes we may not even know the person for whom we are praying for, but our Lord God knows and I tell you this he does listen. We have seen a lot of great and mighty things accomplished, too many to be a coincidence.
Do not misinterpret this as a miracle healing group. We do not make promises other then the promise that if you have something eating at you, or if your life feels like there is no reason and you cannot remember the last time something good happened to you then come join our group on one of our meeting days. I will tell you this if you come with a good heart and really want Gods help its there you simply need to ask and you will be given rest. That is a promise this I know is true because Jesus said it was true.
“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28
We meet at 930am on the days mentioned. As I said you don't have to join the church you don't even have to pray. If you want you can sit with us and we will pray with you and for you. At First Baptist Church we follow the Christian motto - To Be Christ Like. We believe that our Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for all men's sins. While the sign out front says First Baptist the people are Christians.

Singing Specials

Each service we have singing specials for which you can sign up to sing. We invite you to sign up and make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

Ukulele Choir

Come Join our Ukulele Choir We have lots of fun playing at Church and at Nursing Homes
Beginners Welcome - No Experience Required

Revelation Class

This class meets on Sunday evenings at 4pm to study the second coming of Christ. Feel free to stop by and join us.

Spanish Ministry/ Inglesia Christiani "Emanuel"

We have a new spanish ministry please help us spread the word.
Pastor en Español Orlando Sinisterra (832) 797-2396.
Proximamente clases de Ingles Gratis.
Cultos en Español